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Each day for fourteen days they had averaged forty miles

Pike, who pulled at Buck's heels, and who never put an ounce more of his weight against the breastband than he was compelled to do, was swiftly and repeatedly shaken for loafing; and ere the first day was done he was pulling more than ever before in his life. The first night in camp, Joe, the sour one, was punished soundly--a thing that Spitz had never nike heels succeeded in doing.

The capsized sled ground over him

Three men from a neighboring tent came out and looked on, grinning and winking at one another.
"You've got a right smart load as it is," ugg bailey button triplet said one of them; "and its not me should tell you your business, but I wouldn't tote that tent along if I was you."
"Undreamed of!" cried Mercedes, throwing up her hands in dainty dismay. "However in the world could I manage without a tent?"

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